The Most Comprehensive Software For Property Managers In The Market

Goyzer software for property managers lets you manage a property portfolio of any size efficiently and effectively. Let Goyzer help you streamline and track all tasks in managing a property while giving you real-time updates. Designed to enhance communication within your entire network of Landlords, tenants and maintenance vendors, Goyzer helps you take care of business.

Our solution remarkably combines various separated segments and stakeholders into one comprehensive platform that brings all of your property management functions to your fingertips in a simple and intuitive manner.

Centralised Platform

A comprehensive platform for property managers to have all important and pertinent information readily and easily available to view. We understand that managing properties have several aspects that need to be monitored regularly therefore we have made the software as simple as possible inorder to have all data in one place.

Easily Create customised reports and use accounting tools within the system to keep track of all financial details.

Incorporate automation and digitalization for better decision making backed by data

Automate tenancy renewal reminders, document expiry, payment reminders through the system seamlessly

Set reminders and tasks along with automated reminders to ensure no task is forgotten

Leverage marketing tools to create brochures and flyers to list vacant units along with the option to integrate with all leading property portals for listing

Real Estate Management Software for Property Developers
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Goyzer Connect - Tenant

A tenant mobile application that provides a complete snapshot of their rental journey while providing the ability to communicate with the property manager through the application for any concern they might have instantly.

Allow tenants to raise service requests instantly along with photos and constantly send updates on the status of their request.

Tenants can keep track of their rental due dates, payment history as well as have the ability to pay their rent or miscellaneous expenses online.

Tenants are able to view announcements regarding upcoming events, facility closures, financial matters, tenancy renewal etc.

Important documents are available for tenants to view and download along with notifications of any expiring documents.

Goyzer Connect - Landlord

A mobile application that allows complete financial control and visibility for landlords to view, approve and stay up to date with all matters relating to their portfolio. Irrespective of how many properties they have to manage, The application will provide a comprehensive snapshot at their fingertips.

Provide real time information on important metrics including rent, unit vacancy, expense, maintenance statistics and wallet balance.

Landlords can provide approvals electronically for matters related to work orders, inspection and tenancy renewals therefore reducing paperwork and keeping records all online and available to view at any time.

Landlords can view customer statements periodically online along with customised reports to keep all communication in one single platform.

Notify landlords of any new lease along with their tenant information. View payment schedules and occupancy dates to have complete foresight.

Real Estate Management Software for Property Management
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Goyzer Inspect

An inspection app that is integrated with the Goyzer system that allows property managers to assign inspections for when tenants move in or move out.

Property managers are able to create their own templates, Add new areas or items for inspection from the mobile app and take a signature from the tenant digitally as well.

A record of the entire inspection stays in the mobile application as well as in the Goyzer system for future use along with emails of the reports gets sent out to the respective parties.

A complete inspection cycle can not only be created and executed but a copy of the entire chain starting from the inception of the inspection up to the completion is all recorded and available in a centralized location

Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Vendor Management

The vendor management system is designed to provide each maintenance company an access to receive work order requests that are assigned to them by the property manager and to action them accordingly. This helps in ensuring that each concerned party in the ecosystem is connected through a central connected software solution.

Progress and updates on each work order can be updated instantly along with a history of each task that has been completed.

Quotations can be raised and submitted directly by the vendor through the system ensuring that the process is completely automated.

A chat option is available on each work order in order to keep up to date and improve communication.

Multiple vendor access can be created based seamlessly by the property manager along with their individual contracts stored online. This allows the goyzer system to work as a complete property manager real estate CRM.

Other Features for Property Managers

Open Enterprise API

Move in/out Inspections

Create Maintenance Contracts

Online Document Storage

Manage payables, receivables and general ledgers

Work orders and vendor management

Cloud based security

Online payments

CRM for property managers

Batch Uploads


Internal chat functionality

Goyzer Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Goyzer is a complete software for property managers where comes with a mobile application for property managers to conduct inspections and update the condition of the property for move ins, move outs and general annual inspections.

We provide enterprise level APIs that are able to integrate with any third party application that your property management business requires integration with.

We understand that communicating with all the stakeholders involved is important, which is why we have developed mobile applications for tenants and landlords to make sure the important stakeholders are constantly connected with each other in a single ecosystem. We believe that is a serious advantage we offer in the property management market.

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