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Goyzer enables you to effectively and efficiently manage your network of clients, agents and property listings all on one online platform. Thanks to our real estate developer software, never lose a lead again and let dated property files be a thing of the past. With unparalleled residential and commercial real estate CRM tools, Goyzer aims to elevate your business process to the next level.

Realize the power of our cutting edge real estate developer CRM software designed specifically for real estate developers of all sizes and aspirations.

Payment Plan

Seamless create and track payments on every step of the way while automatically sending out payment reminders to clients. Goyzer saves you time and money with real-time payment plan tracking.

We have enabled a simple method to create payment plans that would not have to be created manually for each transaction. The user would only have to enter it once and whenever a transaction occurs, The payment needs to be selected and all the receipts and invoices are created based on the initial payment plan requirements.

The system does not limit how many payment plans can be entered per project therefore the user has utmost flexibility with regards to offering the best possible deal to its clients with minimal effort involved in entering them into the system.

Real Estate Management Software for Property Developers
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Sales Contract Printing

Generate all your required documents automatically through the system and ensure proper storage of all documents online reducing the need for physical storage. The system can store as many document templates as the business requires and the system would automatically pre fill all the relevant data ensuring that time is saved from manual filing of documents and several documents can be printed and shared with the client at once.

The E-signature functionality allows the important documents to be shared with clients through the developer CRM system eliminating the need to actually print the documents and hand them over to the client. The system can receive the electronically signed documents and store them as a proof of signature further improving the flow of the transaction while reducing the cost and time spent on fulfilling the otherwise tedious task.


Transport your customers to their future state by virtually moving them into their properties before they buy with Masterplans that enhances your selling proposition to more of a customer journey than simply just sales. Empower agents to use the masterplan that is connected to the goyzer CRM software for real estate developers to book properties for clients with complete peace of mind and double-booking prevention that ensures the same property cannot be booked twice.

Masterplans work seamlessly across a wide range of devices, including iPads, touch-screen kiosks, large touch-screen TVs or interactive tables in sales centers. This means developers can show their vision to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Goyzer Virtual Tour
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Customised Reporting

Create reports based on your own unique data requirements through our completely customisable reporting zone. Keep track of agent performances, total sales or revenues with a click of a button all within the goyzer crm software for real estate.

The report builder allows you to schedule reports that are created in order to send them out periodically to the chosen recipients without having to manually create or schedule reports each and every time.

Set restrictions on the report builder on who is allowed to access reports along with the ability to download and edit them. The entire goyzer system works on access policies therefore the management will have complete control over their data and would be able to track each users activity ensuring high level of data security.

Other Features for Developers

Centralised listing of units

Tasks/Activity logs

Filter searches

Receipt and invoice generation

Call center capabilities

Enterprise level API

Fully dynamic user access control

Lead Management

Goyzer Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

The Goyzer developer CRM software for real estate allows you to manage your day-to-day activities, property launches, payment plans, invoice receipts and their reminders along with a robust developer CRM that helps to keep track of all the contacts and leads in a single easy to use platform. The centralization of all your processes and documents allows managers to know the status and progress of their complete inventory and their sales cycle.

Breathe life into your projects with the Goyzer Masterplan. Engage your potential buyers with a digital exploration of their prospective purchase. Impress with real time information on details like units and fixtures, as well as available units and prices. The Masterplans are connected with the Goyzer developer CRM ensuring that all availabilities are visible, and you are able to book a unit directly off the masterplan itself. Masterplans are usually the highlight of a sales launch where it is connected on a large display screen, but they can also be incorporated in company websites for a larger audience to view as well.

We are able to incorporate as many payment plans within the system as the developers are offering. It enables deals to close down faster as the entire payment amounts and dates are automatically updated as soon as a booking is made. This reduces the amount of time taken to do the process manually and calculating amounts and coming up with the exact dates of when payments are due. We also automate payment reminders within the system which informs the buyer and the agent of when the next payments are due to ensure payments are missed or forgotten.

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