A One Stop Real Estate Broker CRM Solution

In today's market, maximizing your time is the key to your success. Goyzer real estate broker CRM software enables you to effectively and efficiently manage your network of clients, agents and property listings all on one online platform. Goyzer is the only CRM for real estate broker designed to make everything easier and far more intuitive for everyone involved in your business.

With Goyzer real estate broker CRM software, set up a clear company hierarchy with defined access rights for your agents and back end staff to minimize confusion and clarify responsibilities. Streamline sales and leasing processes to enhance the productivity of your agents. It's a simple equation - less time on admin = more time closing deals! Achieve a crystal clear picture of your finances by tracking all payments and claims with Goyzer real estate Software as a Service (SaaS). Analyze your business and agent's performances with Goyzer’s report generation tool.

Portal Listings

List on all your favourite listing portals centrally under one single platform. The Goyzer CRM for real estate brokers allows you to create your listings and push them out seamlessly to portals thus reducing in less time spent on repetitive listings on separate portals and spending more time on closing deals.

The listings can be expanded to international portals as well based on the business requirements and the main attraction for brokers would be the time saved of listing properties under one platform instead of separately entering information on different portals. The initial setup is seamless and once you have been integrated, The listing is merely filling out the required information of the listing and submitting the information to the desired portals.

Real Estate Management Software for Property Developers
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Commission Tracking

Achieve better financial management with the goyzer commission tracking feature. Get real-time updates on sales and agent commissions. The transparency of commissions becomes far more clearer when the agent and the management have a live point of information on the exact number of deals closed along with the monetary amount that has been earned by the agent and disbursed as well.

The commission tracking can be made available as a form of report or it can be shown as a widget to each agent as well based on the preference of the business.

Lead Distribution

Set up a fool proof and fair system for distributing leads to your team of agents. Through our lead pool functionality , You can automate the distribution of leads through a defined sequence or manually. The result is less confusion between your team and an increase in productivity.

Integration all your sources of leads into one place therefore all your leads from social media channels, Walk in enquiries, Telephone enquiries can all be allocated in one single lead pool location. The business can choose to distribute them based on an algorithmic method or just choose to have manually assigned agents to work on certain leads. The results of the assigned leads can be viewed by management to see how many leads were gathered from which source along with the status of each of those leads to track agent performances.

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Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Third Party Integrations

Through open enterprise level API you are able to integrate any software that your brokerage uses and seamlessly integrate it with the goyzer real estate management software. This allows a hassle free continuation of your existing periphery software and shares data to and from the system on a constant basis without having to interrupt how your operation works.

Integrate Goyzer with:


Accounting Softwares

ERP Softwares

HR Softwares

Property Portals

And many more!

Other Features for Brokers

Centralised listing of units

Mobile Application

Tasks/ Activity logs

Filter searches

Receipt and invoice generation

Call center capabilities

Contact Management

Fully dynamic user access control

Lead Management

Goyzer Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on ensuring that the broker has all the information they need with regards to leads and inventory in a simple to use single platform. The Goyzer real estate software allows brokers to list their properties on all property portals from one single platform thus saving time and effort to list on each individual portal. The broker also has access to a mobile application of their system that allows them to update and add leads and inventory on the go. We have also automated reminders and tasks so that any activity that needs to be conducted is, through automation, brought to the agent's attention. Lastly, We ensure that social media integrations are available to maximize potential lead generation.

Data security is our top most priority as we understand that the real estate industry is heavily reliant on making sure their information is kept secure and out of hands from competition. We are a cloud based application provider that uses the world's leading infrastructure provider and ensure all the best practices are implemented to protect your data from any breaches.

For brokers the pricing is based on the amount of users that your brokerage would have. To get an accurate pricing and to see what would work best for your company. Feel free to contact us in our contact us tab and we will be happy to help.

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