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A simple & proven way to boost
your team performance


Listing Properties & Units

A centralized repository of all your existing units and properties ensures you keep track of everything about your inventory including prices, owner history, payment schedules, images, floor plans and availability status.

social media

Customer Database (CRM)

Effectively CRM software for real estate. Manage your leads and contacts (landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants) database centrally and keep up to date on entire customer journey. Everything documented.


Invoices & Receipts

Keep track of all the invoices and receipts that have been generated with each transaction that you complete. Imperative for both agents and management to know where they stand on their sales targets.

Customer Brand

Deal Generation

Completing a deal has never been this simple and quick. A simple 3 step process to automate the transaction and electronically document it. Smart contract generation automates the paperwork



Keep up to date with all metrics within your business from upcoming renewals to commission reports and everything in between. Customized all types of Reports. Set permissions on who can access.

Top Features For Developers

A Real Estate Management Software for Developers

Goyzer keeps you up to date with client payments, agent performance and even helps you sell properties faster at your property launches. At the same time, It also allows you a single platform in which you can advertise your properties on all major portals.

Real Estate Management Software for Property Developers
Real Estate Management Software for Property Management

Top Property Management Software Features

A Real Estate Property Management Software

The Goyzer property management software helps you streamline and track all tasks in managing a property while giving you real-time updates. Designed to enhance communication within your entire network of landlords, tenants and contractors. With an extensive feature set offering, we aim to be the best real estate property management software Dubai has to offer.

Top Features For Brokers

A Real Estate Management Software for Brokers

The Goyzer real estate management software enables you to list and advertise your properties to all major portals seamlessly from one single platform. You can also keep track of your leads, where your leads are generated from and the status of all leads at any given time.

Real Estate Management Software for Property Brokers

About Goyzer

Who We Are

As a UAE real estate software provider, Goyzer has carved a niche in providing property related technology to the GCC market with a team of professionals dedicated to the industry with over 20 years of experience. During this time, we have seen the real estate sector evolve and grow into the mature market that it currently is today. With every evolution, our team has been able to not only cater to a growing set of requirements but have developed several real estate management software that have been trend setting. We’ve worked closely with industry professionals and conducted extensive market research to create A series of products to meet the needs of Developers, Property Managers & Brokers. Our approach is highly strategic and carefully executed to transform your business the way you want, guaranteeing incredible results and maximizing profits. This has helped us in expanding to 5 different regions and several satisfied clients.

Goyzer Diverse Approach

Diverse Approach

Goyzer Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Goyzer Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

Goyzer Result Oriented

Result Oriented

Virtual Tours

Smarter, Faster and Persuasive way to sell your Property!


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Property Developer - Madinat Badr (Dubai Islamic Bank)
Madinat Badr (Dubai Islamic Bank) Noura Oukenza - CRM Manager
We moved over to Goyzer a year ago. Goyzer is primarily used in our sales, call center and CRM departments. Acting as our primary CRM software for real estate database, leads, contacts and units. It handles the entire process from recording a lead up to the generation of SPAs. We used the software for the launch of our project where we booked over 400+ units within a day with the help of the system. We will soon progress towards integrating digital signatures to further enhance our digital offering to our clients through the platform. With the experienced and helpful Goyzer team, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our business goals.
Property Broker - PSI
Property Shop Investment LLC Sherien Al Walied - Chief Operation Officer
Goyzer is a versatile and easy to use real estate management software which helps in managing day to day activities of our Real-Estate operations. With its unique connectivity with Masterplans (3D animated virtual tours) and Mobile Application helps the agents to stay connected even if they are out in the field. A continuous stream of new updates and functions in the system will give us a promising relationship with the team. A team of experienced Real Estate IT Professionals increases our confidence to fulfill our requirements. We recommend Goyzer as a software for real estate professionals of the highest order.
Property Developer - Alef Group
Alef Group Mir Muhammad - IT Manager
Goyzer has been instrumental in helping us incorporate Prop-Tech into our Real-Estate Business which has not only helped us to Digitize our offerings but also enhanced our customer journey. We are extremely happy with Goyzer as a provider of software for real estate businesses.

Available for your smartphone

Empower your Agents by giving them access to the Goyzer Mobile App and give your Business a Mobile App Advantage. A complete Mobile Solution including Leads, Listings and Deals.

What you can do:

View unit availabilities

Share listings

Add & view leads and contacts

Create new tasks

Make a deal

Goyzer Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a comprehensive software for the real estate industry where we cover the entire end to end workflow processes of property managers, developers, and brokers in a single solution. With a team of over 20 years of proptech industry experience, our system covers everything you need and more.

Based on our experience, we know that most companies struggle with a lot of repetitive manual work that needs to be done on a regular basis that is not only time consuming but also prone to genuine human error. Communicating between stakeholders is limited to phone calls and office visits which is not always possible or practical. Also, a lot of processes are paper based and record keeping can be a hassle the more your business grows. This results in an increase in cost of filing and maintaining paperwork, more employees are required to do nonproductive admin work and less profits are generated due to raising costs.

This is where we come in, with our software for real estate and its connected mobile application, you can digitize & automate your entire workflow process and concentrate more on doing business and less on the manual paperwork.

The typical day of a property manager is quite busy so we wanted to simplify the work day into one where most processes are automated and digital. The property manager would be notified of all the expiring leases automatically and new leases will have all the contracts filled out and sent for signature digitally. Not just that but all maintenance work orders and payments will be tracked and an audit report will be created to make sure that their job is all centralized and assisted which reduces the amounts of error done through human missight and also time spent on tracking and following up is reduced through automation. This has seen to reduce not only cost associated with such activities but also gives the property manager more time to spend towards maximizing their portfolio revenue.

Yes. We have a dedicated mobile application for landlords and tenants along with our property management software which would be used by the property manager. The landlord will be able to view all his financial details of his properties along with a powerful snapshot of all the details they require to see the performance of their portfolio without having to call the property manager ever so often. The tenant is able to on his application look at his upcoming and paid payments, raise work order requests and view all his pertinent documents. This significantly decreases the burden of any property manager since all requests and information will be centralized and run through a single point of contact which are the mobile applications and also keep a documented trail of all communications made.

YES. We have designed the software to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible because we strongly believe that simplicity is powerful. We want to help everyone to take advantage of automation and digitalization and since property managers are usually very occupied with so much manual work, We made sure that the application has everything available in the simplest of manners.

With the Goyzer real estate software you can:

List your properties to any portal in one single platform

Maintain complete unit inventory with all relevant details

Manage leads comprehensively and track the leads journey

Send automated renewal agreements to reduce turnover

E-signature of any contractual document

Connect with social media to send marketing materials and receive leads.

Create invoices & receipts to manage payments and setup reminders

Mobile application for brokers, landlords and tenants

Open enterprise level Api’s for integration with any other application

Manage your vendors and work orders